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Chi’s Farm CSA 2021: Seasonal Item List*

( * This list is approximate. We’re talking about some complex interrelated phenomena here)

Below please find some indications of items that might fall in the category of “your share of the harvest”. The list is not absolute. There may be other items. There may be more. Or fewer. And the timing and contents may change due to weather, acts of the Divine, or other unavoidable circumstances.

Naturally, at Chi’s Farm, we strive to provide you with a diverse selection of delicious vegetables and vary the contents of your share from week to week. We want to keep your life, as well as ours, interesting. We are not going to give you a bunch of items that you can’t use. This list just highlights when these different items COULD be available IF grown here.

Arugula: May—November

Basil: June—September

Beans, fresh: July—September

Beets: July—November

Bok Choi: May–November

Broccoli: July—November

Brussels Sprouts: October—November

Cabbage: July—November

Carrots: July—November

Cauliflower: July—November

Chard: June—November

Cilantro: August—October

Collard Greens: August-November

Cucumbers: June—Sept

Dill: July—October

Kale: June—November

Leeks: September—November

Lettuce: May-October

Mixed Greens: April-October

Onions, green: July—November

Onions, bulb: August-November

Parsley: June—November

Peas: July—September

Peppers: August—September

Potatoes: August—November

Radishes: June—November

Spinach: June—November

Summer Squash: July—September

Tomatoes: July-September

Baby Turnips: June-July, October—November

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