Farm stand at CHI’S FARM

A la Carte shopping available daily at the farm stand! 142 Towne Road, Sequim.

Hours: Open daily, all hours.

Vegetables! Fresh, organic, delicious vegetables!

Want the flexibility to choose what you get? Want to buy more than a CSA farmshare contains? Need to shop early or late? Then the farm stand at CHI’S FARM is for you!

Stop by the farm stand any time to see what we have freshly harvested from the farm. Payment is honor system, so bring cash or check.

Eggs! Get your fresh eggs from organically fed, pasture raised hens here! Rainbow Farms sells their AMAZING eggs at the farm stand. 

Afraid we might sell out before you get there? Need to pay with a card? You can go online to our webstand and place an order from our list of available items. Order before Tuesday, and your order will be ready for pickup Wednesday by 4 pm.


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