Vegetables, Choice, and Meat

-For 2021, you can choose between Sweetheart size or Large/Family size vegetable shares for the main season.

-You can also add a meat share to either size vegetable share. Note that meat shares are offered in one size only.

-Chi’s Farm has been known to offer a 6-week Spring Share which only comes in one size and will be a secret until spring.

What vegetables can I expect to get?

Hey, did I mention we are the newly crowned “Salad Kings and Queens?” Really. Get some. Salad mix will be part of the share each week. Additionally, there will be some other vegetables most of you are familiar with and love. Like tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and broccoli. Maybe a little zucchini and an occasional bunch of radish. Some onions and squash and potatoes later in the season. There will be others as well. Take a look at our seasonal guide to get an idea of when certain vegetables MAY be included. We do our best to vary the vegetables week to week and through the season, without forcing abstract, unpopular vegetables on you.

What about the meat? Can I choose what I get?

The Meat share will be divided in to three installments. Each Meat share installment will include 10 one lb packages of ground meat. July and October will be 100% grass fed ground beef, September will be organically fed, pastured raised ground pork. (Exact dates TBD but will be included in your regular Wednesday pick-up.)

Do I get to choose which vegetables I receive?

The farm decides which items are available each week based on our harvest of seasonal vegetables.

What if I don’t like certain vegetables?

Didn’t your mother teach you anything? Eat your kale and LOVE IT! OK,ok, we are not going to give you a lot of kale. Maybe not any. We know what most people eat more often and will be including those items. Find a friend to share with, or challenge yourself to find some new ways to prepare those items you might love less.

Can I get more some weeks than others?

No and yes. Each week there will be a pre-determined harvest list of vegetables for your share. We have to plan months in advance to have this all ready for you, so there will be a set amount of vegetables included in your share size. However, we plan to have lots of extra items available for additional purchase. This can be done at the farms stand.

How many vegetables do I get each week? Which type of vegetables will I receive each week? Do you have a map or a guide or a chart or something?

The sweetheart share will have a half pound of salad mix, plus 2-4 other items and should feed 2 modest vegetable eaters, while the family share will have one pound of salad mix, plus 3-5 other items and should feed a family of 4, or 2 crazy vegetable fiends. Check out our vegetables page to learn more. Send Scott an email if that doesn’t answer it. Spring salad share will have one pound of salad mix and 1-3 other items.

Is there fruit? Do you have anything but vegetables?

At CHI’S FARM we do not yet have much fruit production. There may be pears in the fall from the farm. However, we are working on partnering with some fruit producers in order to have some organic fruit available for purchase in addition to your CSA farmshare. Additionally, there may be some strawberries in the future. Stay tuned! 

Pick-up Information

When do I start getting my share?

The spring season should begin late Aparil, just in the middle of spring’s glory. You have to sign up separately for this early spring season. But hey, if you are anxious to get some good veggies before then, swing by our farm stand to see if we have any early season teasers for you! 142 Towne Road in Sequim. The main summer season begins early June.

How do I get my vegetables? 

Two ways: come to the farm or utilize a convenient drop point. Really, you should come to the farm. Why? Because this is the fun part! Historically we have had a twice a month pizza party on pickup day through the season. Hopefully Covid19 will simmer down and we can host a pizza party’s again!

Do you deliver?

Sorry, we are busy in the fields growing the deliciousness so we are not offering home delivery. Off site pickup is available in Port Angeles.

What if I’m not around on the pickup day, or I’m out of town?

If you are not going to be around on pickup day, let us know ahead of time and we can hold your vegetables for you. You may then pick them up at the farm at another appointed time. If you will be gone for an extended period of time, consider letting a friend pick up your share to enjoy while you are gone.

What if I’m late or I can’t come at the last minute?

If you need to cancel your pickup from the farm last minute, we can arrange for you to pick up your vegetables at the farm at another appointed time. If you miss the Port Angeles pickup hours, you may still come to the farm to get your share.

If I have guests in town, can I get more?

When we have extra vegetables, they will be available from our farmstand.

If I am throwing a HUGE PARTY, or maybe a WEDDING, can I get more?

Contact Scott at chisfarmcsa@gmail.com to ask about large orders. We may very well be able to set you up!

Pricing and Payments

How do I sign up and pay?

You can sign up and pay several ways. You may give us cash or check directly, or you may pay online with a debit or credit card. The online sign up process will be through the Shopify software site, much like online shopping.

When do I pay?

Anytime!  If you don’t wait, you won’t be left hungry when our limited number of shares sell out.

How much does it cost?

Spring season -Vegetable only – 6 weeks – $99

Summer season – Vegetable only -Large size – 20 weeks – $499.

Summer season – Vegetable only -Smaller size – 20 weeks – $299.

Meat share from Bent Gate Farm – $289.

Do I have to pay up front?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that we understand that paying for half of your year’s produce at once can be daunting. We do offer a $25 deposit to hold your spot. Feel free to contact us for payment plan options. As long as shares are still available, you may sign up and pay at anytime. At sign up, you will pay for your choice of seasons(or both spring and summer), as well as your meat share, if you are choosing that. If you sign up after the season starts, we will pro-rate your vegetable share for the remainder of the season.

Sign me up now!

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