CSA Farmshare Background

Okay, tell me the CSA Farmshare concept again…

You pay upfront before the season begins, then receive a weekly share of the harvest. The concept originated in Japan in the 1960’s in response to the difficulty for small farms to survive in the face of increasing industrialization of agriculture. Facing the same issues, the idea caught on here in the U.S. and has become a common way to connect people with healthy food from neighboring farms.

Today, CSA Farmshare members of CHI’S FARM can support the growth of organic vegetables right here in the fertile Dungeness Valley. Our farm provides a total of 26 weeks of produce, from early May to late October.

Additionally, you can support Bent Gate Farms with a meat share combo. Sign up for your veggies and your pasture raised meat in one spot!

We start it off with a 6 week spring season that you must sign up for separately. During the main season, 20 weeks of summer, we offer two sizes of shares, plus a meat combo from Bent Gate Farms.

Full share members receive a one pound bag of salad mix and usually 4 or 5 additional vegetables. Sweetheart share members receive a half pound bag of salad mix and usually 3 additional vegetables. The contents of our salad mix will vary with the season, with a foundation of fabulous baby lettuces combined with lots color and texture added from other complimentary greens. The other vegetables will also vary, but mostly are the more well known, popular items (sorry, no sunchokes or kohlrabi). The meat combo will receive 3 allotments of ground meat from Bent Gate Farms throughout the season. Each allotment is 10 pounds of ground meat, or 30 pounds total.


As a member of our CSA Farmshare you will receive incredibly fresh, local, organic products at really fair prices. Chances are, you will end up eating a lot more vegetables, learning to make new recipes, and maybe even being a little healthier. Imagine regular salads as a delicious part of a tasty and healthy meal! The CSA Farmshare provides us with early season income to pay for supplies and labor used in growing your food. Additionally, your commitment gives us a guaranteed market for the crops and a direct connection to the people eating the food we grow. Together, the farmers and members will sustain local farms and eat delicious, healthy food. By joining the CSA Farmshare at CHI’S FARM you will become part of a growing movement to keep local agriculture vibrant, maintain farmland as a working landscape, and protect our precious soil and clean water.


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