CSA Shareholder Story

From left to right; Vanessa, Eden, Jesse and Linda

Meet the Schuberts!

These wonderful Chi’s Farm customers, who are also 2nd year shareholders, kindly gave me a bit of their time to reflect on how Chi’s Farm plays a role in their lives. With so much gratitude, they shared some key pieces they appreciate plus some tips. 

Here are a few key takeaways:

They couldn’t stress enough how much they value the immaculately washed salad mix and vegetables. “I still can’t believe how well washed the produce is, it is huge, it changed our world. It makes such a difference because it is fast and easy to prepare.”

When Vanessa’s mom Linda moved in with their family she was struggling with high blood pressure. With the help of a cookbook aimed at lowering blood pressure and the fresh produce, Linda has seen great improvement. Linda, who is 72 years old, shared this, “I benefit from living with my kids who introduced me to all this organic produce that is fresh and locally grown, plus I value that it supports the earth.

Everyday we eat this food, I am grateful for all the work that goes into it and it is helping me stay healthy. I have good results from my doctors and I have more energy, plus I am happier.” The whole family has a goal of eating local and they share frankly that they are not interested in growing their own food. For them, the farm is the perfect path to meet that goal. Additionally they expressed gratitude as Chi’s Farm also supports their goal with the local partnerships he has cultivated with Bent Gate Farms meat, the Alderwood Bistro bread, the Midori Farm Ferments, Happy Valley eggs and so on. 

Eden, who is 10 years old shared, “I am thankful that Chi’s Farm is in our area and thankful for the people who work there and put in time and effort by working there. I can tell they work hard!” Eden loves the produce, and is known to eat piles of microgreens.

A Few Tips and Tricks from their Kitchen:

1. Add the delicious fresh herbs to your salads, especially the basil, chop or tear up a few leaves as an accent.

2. Menu plan on the weekends, use the recipe links from the newsletters when planning.

3. Hold onto the sauce and dressing recipes to use repeatedly.

4. Set out a bowl of hummus and chopped veggies while playing games instead of cheez-it’s and pirate booty. 

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