CSA Shareholder Story #2

Miriame, Ankur and their daughter Jasmine

Meet the Delight Family

Ankur and Miriame Delight have been involved contributers to Chi’s Farm since it began. They were foundational organizers of the pizza parties and spent hours in the field working with crops. They miss the pizza parties terribly and are grateful the farmstand still serves as a meeting place for community.

Ankur shared the Greek concept of ‘Agora’ to reflect on his farmstand experience. ‘Agora’ refers to the marketplace that is also a meeting place, a sign of order and civilized living, a civic necessity, a place to assemble.

They noted that they specifically like Chi’s Farm for the amazing salad mix. “Every week we know that the salad mix is coming, it is like a bass note, resonating in all the meals. The CSA share gets us eating lots of salad, which I wouldn’t do if we had to wash it all the time. We feel so incredibly spoiled by the clean mix,” shared Ankur.

When asked about cooking, “We get the CSA bag and it is inspiration, we freestyle. As vegetarians, the CSA works well, all the veggies are perfect for us, since we are improvisational cooks. We look at what we have and work with it. The produce drives the week, we pick up the bag, it goes in the fridge, and then at meal time we look in the fridge to see what we are going to eat, it is the leader and it sets the tone.”

Miriame shares,“When we travel to France there is nothing like this, fresh vegetables from a CSA that is 5 miles away. Nowhere else you can find these high quality vegetables.”

“Another thing that is really lovely about the CSA share is how it provides an anchoring in time, our jobs are weeks and weekends are rolling and Wednesday pickup is an anchor. It helps orient when you go to the store, when you cook and is like a reset of the week.”

Miriame reflected on how “During CSA season I barely go to the store. Weeks go by and we don’t have to go to the store. It is a wonderful break in the summer.” Though it sounded like they run to the farmstand for the mini cukes with fervor.

She also shared vegetable memories of their daughter, Jasmine, getting into the CSA box and munching on all the things; radishes, carrots, greens, and discovering vegetables. “In her school lunch she has carrots, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes from the farm. It is amazing to have so many vegetables coming from people we know and care about.”

Their suggestion for sharing the farm with friends is to share the salad mix. Bring a bag of the salad mix, and if you are lucky the special Chi’s Farm Salad Dressing (which they would also like to see more of) to a friends house. Make a beautiful salad and let them experience how amazing it is.

Thank you to the Delights for sharing your experience and for all you have contributed!

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